1st April 15

Adlington Hall and Hunting Lodge Open Day

On the 19th March 2015 Adlington Hall opened it’s doors to reveal our newly refurbished Hunting Lodge and our brand new catering partners Barretts.

It was a lovely event with fizz flowing and music from the fabulous Guy was entertaining the guests as they had a good look around and met with both our team and our new team members from Barretts.

We would like to extend our special thanks to the following for helping our fantastic event come together.

Barretts Event Caterers 

Guy Porteous

The Wild Bunch

Mr and Mrs W

Lightech Sound and Light

Feel free to contact us on 01625 827595 should you wish to come and view our spectacular venue, in the meantime have look at these fab images of the evening:

Adlington-Hall-3982-2 Adlington-Hall-3985-2 Adlington-Hall-3987 Adlington-Hall-3989 Adlington-Hall-3992 Adlington-Hall-3994 Adlington-Hall-3996 Adlington-Hall-4001-2 Adlington-Hall-4007-2 Adlington-Hall-4009 Adlington-Hall-4013-2 Adlington-Hall-4021 Adlington-Hall-4026 Adlington-Hall-4028 Adlington-Hall-4031 Adlington-Hall-4034 Adlington-Hall-4041 Adlington-Hall-4043 Adlington-Hall-4046 Adlington-Hall-4047 Adlington-Hall-4048 Adlington-Hall-3865 Adlington-Hall-3869 Adlington-Hall-3873 Adlington-Hall-3881 Adlington-Hall-3884 Adlington-Hall-3887 Adlington-Hall-3887-2 Adlington-Hall-3891 Adlington-Hall-3895-2 Adlington-Hall-3901 Adlington-Hall-3904 Adlington-Hall-3907 Adlington-Hall-3909-2 Adlington-Hall-3910-2 Adlington-Hall-3915 Adlington-Hall-3917-2 Adlington-Hall-3919 Adlington-Hall-3920 Adlington-Hall-3922-2 Adlington-Hall-3931 Adlington-Hall-3931-2 Adlington-Hall-3932 Adlington-Hall-3937 Adlington-Hall-3940 Adlington-Hall-3969 Adlington-Hall-3972 Adlington-Hall-3980



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