6th July 16

Adlington Hall and The Historic Housing Association

The Historic Housing Association describes itself, on their website, as “representing over 1,640 of the UK’s privately and charitably owned historic houses, castles and gardens. These are listed buildings or designated gardens, usually Grade I or II, and are often outstanding. Many are considered to be iconic symbols of Britain’s unique heritage and many are still private family houses.”

Adlington Hall is proud to be a part of the HHA and is one of the 300 properties that welcome Friends of the association to enjoy free entry to our property and grounds, as part of their membership, on our Public Open Days.

The below video* features some of the fabulous properties that are part of the HHA, all shot from the air and show stunning aerial footage of the properties and their grounds… keep a look out for Adlington Hall towards the end of the film!

*Note: For an improved viewing experience, watch the video with sound.

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