2nd November 21

Historic Houses Membership Scheme

Adlington Hall is still a privately owned house, having been in the Legh family for over 700 years, spanning 25 generations, we are proud to remain a family home.

Photograph by Andy Wardle Photography

Opening the doors to Adlington Hall and being able to share the history of the Hall and the Legh Family is an important part of our business and something we intend on doing for many more years to come. We can do this with the help of Historic Houses.
Historic Houses is an association of hundreds of historically or architecturally important Houses, Castles and Gardens from private, corporate, charitable or institutional ownership, in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In their words “We exist to protect the interests of these places and to ensure that they stay where they can be best looked after – in independent hands” (words taken from historichouses.org)
We are delighted to announce that from 2022 we will once again be offering free entry to Adlington Hall and Gardens for all Historic Houses Members.

Historic Houses

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With membership starting from £56.00 a year, it includes; a detailed annual handbook of all places to stay or visit. A quarterly magazine revealing the past and present of their historic homes. Access to exclusive member-only private tours and also special offers from other organisations.

We have a unique referral code for anyone wanting to join Historic Houses. Using our unique code not only means you get a discounted price for membership, but we will receive a matching donation from Historic Houses, which will go towards helping us protect the Hall for visitors in the future.
To join Historic Houses, take advantage of the discount and also help us, just enter the code ‘ADLI95’ on the Historic Houses website.

Adlington Hall – Historic Houses membership referral code

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