26th November 15

New Corkage Rates for Adlington Hall


Adlington Hall is proud to announce it has renewed its corkage rates to be able to offer you the same bespoke level of service at a reduced cost.

What are Corkage Rates?


Corkage rates are the rates you pay for the services opening and serving a bottle of wine or champagne as well as the added extras surrounding the bottles. Things such as the storage of the wine, the ice buckets, the glasses and the serving of the wine are all included within the cost of the corkage rate. It also covers the cost of having the glasses washed and shined after use by the porter, the cost of having the waiters clear your table and the disposal of the bottles after the wedding which is a cost that is normally included in the mark up of a bottle of wine purchased on site.


The corkage rate is necessary for us to be able to cover these costs and pay the staff to be able to serve you your wine. There is always the Adlington Hall bar available if you wish to use wines that we provide.


It has become a popular option for restaurants to offer corkage and as a wedding option has been very popular for exclusive and high class wedding venues.


Wedding Corkage Rates


It is standard practice for wedding venues to charge corkage rates, this means that the wedding couple are not limited on their wine selection and can choose any wines or champagnes to make their wedding unique and special.


The Adlington Hall bar has a selection of wines and beverages and you can always ask in house for a wine list and a price list of these wines. If you like the wines on our wine list then let us know to discuss pricing and quantity in advance of the big day.


The benefit of corkage rates is that for your wedding toast and main bottles on the table you can choose any wines and champagnes to your taste. This also means extensive wine tasting in preparation.



Adlington Hall New Lower Rates


Adlington Hall and Gardens has recently reviewed its corkage prices and has reduced the prices. The old price for corkage stood at £15 for wines and £20 for Champagnes, whereas now the price stands at £10 for wine and £15 for champagne.


Adlington Hall is a popular and exclusive wedding venue however we also like to offer our guests exceptional value for money and our corkage rates have been lowered to help couples allocate their wedding budget where it matters.


For more information on this, please contact us directly to be able to discuss the options open to you.



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