22nd July 14

The Rhino Has Landed

Last week we took delivery of a rhino at the Hall. Blossom isn’t a real rhino she was one of 62 sculptures used for the Rhino trail in Chester in 2010. She weighs 60 kilos and stands 5 feet high, 6 feet long and 2 feet wide.

Blossom was sponsored by Cheshire Gardens of Distinction which is reflected in Blossom’s design. When the Rhino Trail ended the rhinos were sold at auction with profits split between Chester Zoo’s Black Rhino Field Conservation Project in Kenya and Tanzania, the Hospice of the Good Shepherd at Backford and a small number of other charities.

Blossom is already adding colour to the garden and we think she likes her new home. She’s made her way from Shell Cottage and is heading into the Wilderness. Keep your eyes peeled if you come and visit us as Blossom likes to wander around the estate.


Days Out Gardens

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