23rd January 18

The Three Graces – Charm, Beauty and Creativity.

Last year, Philippa, our office administrator, travelled to Loseley Park in Guilford, Surrey, to attend a seminar with the HHA about weddings at historic properties. The seminar was attended by several properties, all historic houses and all members of the HHA. It was a very informative meeting, where a select few properties presented on different aspects of hosting weddings. There were discussions on; Venue Hire Fees and Contracts, Catering, Accommodation and Marketing for weddings. It was during the presentation on marketing your Historic House for weddings that the importance of strong branding was discussed.

We want to ensure our branding demonstrates the diverse essence of our estate and reinforces our place in the highly competitive attraction and events industry. Adlington offers such a vast array of events – from Weddings to Hall and Garden Tours, and we wanted to define this through all our marketing materials. It became clear during the presentations, how important branding can be and how it can succinctly and instantly demonstrate to all your guests, the experience and atmosphere they can expect. Philippa decided that we needed 2 or 3 ‘catchy’ words that encapsulate the real essence of Adlington Hall and everything we do.
Over a few months Philippa did a lot of online research, looking at competitor websites to see what, if any, words were being used. She found that many words were frequently used such as; Exclusive, Unique and Personal. We wanted to stand out from our competitors and show that Adlington offer a different experience to everywhere else. So she then asked for all other members of the team to brainstorm their own ideas for words they thought ‘captured’ Adlington Hall. Everyone then brought their ideas to a full team meeting where we all brainstormed our ideas. Some of the many words we came up with were;
Excellence / Individual / Distinctive / Authentic / Unique / Exquisite.

However, it was the owner of Adlington Hall, Mrs Legh, that caught all our attention with her suggestion of using ‘The Three Graces’ – Charm, Beauty and Creativity. Originating from Greek Mythology, The Three Graces are brought to life in a statue by Antonio Canova. It shows the 3 daughters of Zeus; Euphrosyne, Aglea and Thalia, representing; Charm (Aglaea) Beauty (Thalia) and Creativity (Euphrosyne).
We were all in agreement that these three words; Grace, Beauty and Creativity summarise Adlington Hall perfectly and cover all aspects of our business. From the Grace and Beauty of the Estate and buildings to the Creativity of the staff, that help bring all the events here together and run smoothly on the day.


Over the coming months you’ll see The Three Graces incorporated into all our branding and used in all marketing campaigns.
We’re all excited to share this next venture with our clients, suppliers and followers and are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on 3 words.

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