7th July 15

Wedding Gifts to Remember

There is always the struggle to find the perfect gift for someone’s wedding. If the couple doesn’t have a wedding list then it is hard to move away from the stereotypical gifts such a toaster or simply just something so boring that it will probably never see the light of day. So why not get the happy couple something that they might even open on the very same day as they receive it. Here are a few examples we have put together.

Do They Like To Travel?

Do They Like To Travel?

Why not get them a Scratch Map of the world then? This is a map that works a little like a scratch card and every time they go to another country they scratch it off the map as a reminder. You can guarantee if they like to travel together then this map will end up on a wall somewhere in their home taking the main stage for example in the living room above the fire place or in the hall as soon as you enter. Well worth the £15 or so it costs to buy it.

Do They Enjoy the Occasional Cheeky Glass Of Wine?

Wine Stopper

Why not think about buying them some personalised Wine Stoppers. These go in the top of the bottle and work like a lid on bottles that come with a cork. Even if they drink whiskey, gin, champagne or basically anything these can always come in handy and when you next stop by for a quiet night in then you will almost certainly see them in use. Better yet, if you’ve known them for a while or have a little inside joke with them then make them personalised online for around £15 you can have something that will remind the pair of you inside. This will give the present an extra bit of meaning when you hand it over and make them love it even more. You could even get a bottle of vintage wine/champagne that is ready to drink just in time for their first anniversary.

Are They Going Abroad For The Honeymoon?

Travel Map

You could always get them a handbook or a map of where they are going? Even if they have one already usually different maps have different things to them. For example one map might show roads and another might show tourist attractions and another might show the terrain or as there is obviously two people going then two could mean they have one each. Either way get  something for where they are going and chances are because they’re so excited to go they will open it there and then and have a glance. Another idea is to ring ahead to their hotel and arrange a small trip or a bottle of fizz and chocolates to be in their room on arrival.

Have They Just Moved In Together?


B&Q vouchers? Could be the best option then in theory, if they have just moved in together then the house might need a few things doing to it or even a total revamp. A bit of money to go directly towards that might show that you genuinely put thought into the present and thought about what they will need rather than just buying socks.

Maybe you want to be stereotypical just for the chuckles?

tea cosy

Get them a really really cheesy Tea Cosy? This is like a small sweater you place on a Tea pot, usually couples don’t even have a Tea Pot yet this still ranks in as one of the most bought gifts for newly weds… The thought of it baffles us all but if you want to blend in this is the way to go.

Gift ideas from web page ‘Notonthehighstreet.com’



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