3rd March 16

Wedding Trends

Every couple we meet have different dreams, plans or ideas for their ‘perfect’ Wedding Day. We love seeing all the intricate planning, by each couple that marries with us, all come together on the day.

The Tudor East front - Mr and Mrs W

Over the 30 years that Adlington Hall has been the perfect exclusive
wedding venue for many couples, it is safe to say we have seen a large variety of different wedding themes but more recently have noticed a huge shift in the trends. For example, chocolate fountains were all the rage only a few years back only to be replaced by candy carts and even more recently sweet tables provided by the bride and groom themselves.


As we deliberate over the many changes in trends, we recall how traditionally the bride and groom would be the first to depart from the reception, waved off by all their guests whilst driving a car decorated with ‘Just Married’ and empty tin cans tied to the back, usually done in secret by the bestman, to head straight to their honeymoon destination. This has recently taken a huge turn of events and it now appears that most married couples are the last to leave their wedding reception savouring every moment of their special day.

back of a car with a just married sign

These are just a few of the many changes in trends we have witnessed at Adlington Hall and Gardens, being one of the finest Cheshire wedding venues. We have also seen guest books being replaced by pictures and quotes or even Jenga pieces, flowers by candles, fireworks by sparklers, post-boxes by mini suitcases, and not to mention photobooths substituted by the comeback of Polaroid’s. Similarly the ditching of disposable cameras for requests for iPhone downloads via Dropbox or Facebook posts. Some couples even uploading their photos onto a Flash Drive to display throughout the evening.

Photographers have also adapted to the ever changing demands for unique styles of photography adopting a more natural essence of capturing couples and guests in their relaxed poses. Equally, videographers have also embraced new technology with the growing trend to use drones to create a bird’s eye view of the couple’s special day.

Hall stair case - Rik Dell Photography

Lastly, although wedding breakfasts are still a tradition popular to most couples, the evening buffet at many recent wedding receptions has seen a shift in trend with an increase in replacing the old-style wedding buffet with cheeseboards or food stalls.

These are a few of the changes we have seen, we are looking forward to seeing new trends in the coming years!



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