11th June 15

Whats in a suit?

Why Wear a Black Tux To Your Wedding?

The black tux was the ways of the 20th century and now we need something new to carry us through the next 100 years. But what can that be? Here are three trends that we have picked up on in numbers over the last ten years.

Vintage Look

The vintage Sherlock Holmes look has taken a big leap forward with men coming in with all sorts of tweed dickey bows and brown vintage looking braces. The look seems to fit perfectly as if it was some form of meant to be theme at the Hunting Lodge we have here at Adlington Hall.  The look quite simply is amazing and has a much better feel if you get a lot of the lads to join in with you and get some amazingly old fashioned looking photos.

The Georgian Waist Coat

A lot like the vintage look, the days of Georgian era where full of Oliver twist looking boys and on the other hand wealthy land owners. Why not take a look at this trend and see what you and the best man can muster up. The waist coat and the neckerchief are genuinely the most important piece here. Take a look below.

Colour Match Suits

The colour match suits make a great effect when you get the scenery right. Why not go a deep green colour or a burgundy. This effect looks good when the whole group does it and it will look amazing when the photographer asks for that dreaded walking shot of all the men walking down a path way or road looking happy. even the shot with the other half looks amazing and will stand out to other wedding pictures from othe rpeoples weddings. Take a look at the example below. This look of coloured suits stands out even more when using the hall building and allows you to be able to make a bold statement whilst still keeping it smart.


Waistcoat 3Waistcoat 2     Waistcoat
Suits by Whitefield and Ward and Photography by Mr and Mrs W



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