23rd April 15

Which wedding venue….

Picking your wedding venue can be one of the hardest decisions that you can make in your wedding planning journey, your venue needs to fit the amount of guests you have and it sets the tone for the entire day and with there being so many to choose from it can leave you in a daze.

How to Pick your Wedding Venue

We thought we would help by putting together some things to consider:

Size of venue… How many people are you  inviting, also think about the fact that you will have a 10-20% dropout from the original invitation list.

Feel of venue… This is really important as this determines the whole feel and style of the wedding, whether its a formal three course sit down meal in a hotel or a barbecue with hay bales in a field. Even your dress choice can be influenced by your venue choice.

Location, Location, Location… Where are all your guests coming from, will they need accommodation, are you getting married in a church as if you have a long way to travel to your venue then this time eats into your day.

What’s allowed… Make sure you know the venue rules and regulations as you will have envisaged your dream day and your venue needs to fit in with your ideas.

Accommodation... If your venue only has a few bedrooms, have a look at what local accommodation is offered, you don’t want all your guests to struggle.

We hope that you enjoy choosing your venue and you can visit us here at Adlington Hall and Gardens to see what we can offer you. www.adlingtonhall.com.







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