• Introduction To First Aid
• The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 – its Boundaries and Limitations.
• Assessing a patient – A, B, C’s, pulse rates
• Handling and Restraint • Haemorrhage, arterial bleeds.
• Wound classification, open and closed wounds
• Insect Stings
• Poisons, Symptoms, Common toxins
• Shock, Hypovolaemic, Vasculogenic, Cardiogenic
• Unconscious and Collapse,
• Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
• Epilepsy, differential diagnosis, poisoning etc
• Choking, stick in roof of mouth, opening a dogs mouth safely, Heimlich Maneuver
• Fractures, cruciate ligament injuries, growth plate injuries.
• Injuries to Eyes, Ears, Nose, prolapsed eyeball.
• Hypothermia
• Hyperthermia
• Gastric Dilation/bloat
• First Aid Kits Practical Sessions – Using REAL dogs
• Locating the Femoral Artery
• Calculating a Pulse Rate
• Emergency Muzzling
• Heimlich Maneover Positioning
• Bandaging fore paw
• Bandaging Hind Paw
• Pressure bandage of head/ears
• Application of emergency Tourniquet and its dangers
• CPR – two sessions on CASPER model dog Tests
Each pupil receives an individual First Aid Scenario that they have to read and write down what they think has happened and write what they would do. These are then read out to discuss.
Each pupil is given a Multiple Choice test of 15 questions to complete. This is to check underpinning knowledge.This is then read out and discussed
On completion of the workshop you will receive a certificate.

Session will be 4 and a half hours and will include a light sandwich lunch (included in the per person price)

£50 per person. Booking Essential. Limited space due to the highly interactive nature of the session.
Call 01625 827 595 for more information or to book tickets