Adlington Hall are delighted to announce we have joined with Nature Escapes to offer Forest Bathing Sessions within the Wilderness of Adlington Hall Grounds.

Nature Escapes are a small local company run by husband and wife team, Pete and Fleur Boxhall.

Fleur & Pete Boxall began ‘Nature Escapes’ back in 2017 when their joint love of Nature gave them an idea. Fleur was already working as a nature based counsellor and as Scout leaders, they both saw first hand the benefits of spending even a short time outdoors can have on children and adults alike.

Fleur says ‘we are human beings, not doings! When we put down the tech and leave the task orientated demands behind, in Nature our central nervous systems resets, we naturally slow down, finding our equilibrium.’

Keen to understand and know more, both Fleur and Pete set off on a journey of discovery, educating themselves about ‘Shin-Rin Yoku’ or the Japanese practice of ‘Forest Bathing.’

Being the geek of the pair Pete immersed himself in all of the many scientific studies which explain how nature can help heal us. He also picked up a ‘Hill & Moorland Leader’ qualification with the British Mountaineering Council.

Fleur focused on the powerful holistic benefits of developing a nature connection and she trained as a Forest Bathing and Nature Guide with the ANFT and as a meditation teacher.

Since ‘Nature Escapes’ conception 3 years ago the pair have already ran many weekends and day retreats in nature. Combining all of their joint skills and expertise they are passionate about helping their guests reconnect with the natural world and in doing so, with themselves. Their customers say being guided by Fleur and Pete is ‘truly an amazing experience, their dedication for and love of all things wild is infectious’ and they ‘feel calmer and less stressed as a result.’

Nature Escapes events are also a social affair with the opportunity to make new friends with like minded people and have lots of fun!

If you’re in need of some time out from the challenges of modern life and are wanting some peace and calm then allow Pete and Fleur to guide you through a Forest bathing session at Adlington Hall. Immerse yourself in some Nature connection activities experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony and leave feeling refreshed, restored and rejuvenated. Adlington Hall couldn’t be more perfect for enjoying Forest Bathing with its beautiful plants, ancient tree’s and all of the many creatures that call it home. Come pay us a visit and experience it for yourself.


2022 dates TBC


For the 3 hour individual walks – £25 per person. Max of 15 people per session
For the 2 hour family walks £45 per family – Max of 4 families per session.

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