Forest bathing has a long tradition in Japan for stress busting, healing, regulating and a general all round boost for your mental and physical health.
Scientifically backed to have healing powers for many aliments including diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, anxiety, depression and fatigue.

Experience your senses really come alive in this beautiful natural oasis, connect with the ancient trees, watch the ebb and flow of the stream, listen to wind through the leaves and watch the tiny insects move around the woodland.

Groups are kept small for your comfort and connection, a vegan and gluten – free snack is provided with ceremonial tea.
Free car-parking
Exclusive use of this ancient woodland and gardens
Guided mindfulness and meditations
Invitations to share in a safe nurturing space
True nature connection
True self connection

A magical morning amongst the trees to switch off from everyday modern life and be nourished by nature
Don’t worry – no swimming costumes are needed!

We will walk slowly through the woods as your guide, Ann, shares a series of nature connection ‘invitations’ or exercises to support you with exploring all this nourishing practice has to offer. Helping you to slow down, switch off and become present so you can notice all the natural world has to offer you.

It is proven that spending time immersed in nature has significant benefits to mental health and general wellbeing.
reduces stress, depression & anxiety
improves focus, concentration & memory
reduces tiredness & recharges energy
improves the length & quality of sleep
reduces blood pressure

boosts the immune system by increasing T cells
alleviates social isolation
increases creativity

DATES: Sunday 21st May 2023      /      Sunday 25th June 2023


Book direct with Ann £25pp (£10 of which is the entrance fee) also included carparking, toilets, vegan and gluten free snack, ceremonial tea and a wonderful guided forest bathing session in the completely amazing Adlington Hall wilderness.

For more information contact Ann on 07745958427.

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